New Social Roles: Redefining Client/Survivor Involvement

PsySRPsySR’s New Social Roles (NSR) Project seeks to develop dialogue within and between client/survivors with lived experience of mental health systems and social discrimination, and psychologists/clinicians. The focus is on relationship, respect, and developing a culture of social responsibility in and around the character of mental health practices, effective social justice advocacy, and social roles based on respect.

Structurally this project will have two stages. Stage 1, now underway, consists of a small invited group of PsySR client/survivor members who have been part of the long standing Social Accountability Work Group, and of PsySR psychologist/clinician members. They are working together to establish guidelines for NSR’s dialogue process, confidentiality, and mutual respect, and to design the invitation and initial agenda for Stage 2 of the project. Stage 2, which is scheduled to begin in early 2012, will be open to all interested PsySR members.

The Project leaders, Andrew Phelps, Frank Kashner, Delphine Brody, are veterans of many years of activism with and on behalf of people with diagnoses, with psychological suffering, and with the attendant issues of stereotyping.

The Peacebuilding and Reconciliation Program strongly supports this project as a needed part of social responsibility and accountability. It emphasizes that peacebuilding and reconciliation are not limited to foreign or armed conflict situations.

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