PsySR President Yosef Brody's Letter in the New York Times

May 1, 2015

To the Editor:

For the many dissident psychologists who have been calling for accountability and reform at the American Psychological Association for years, your article comes as a bittersweet revelation.

Ever since the A.P.A. first began tinkering with its ethics regulations over a decade ago to provide loopholes allowing American psychologists to work in torture chambers, principled A.P.A. members and other activist psychologists have been demanding an end to the moral corruption at the organization that purports to represent our profession.

Licensed psychologists have a duty to “do no harm” and to promote human health and the public good. The fact that leaders of a national health professional association blithely traded that duty for access to power and privilege is an unprecedented ethical scandal of the highest degree. One can hope that with this new report we will finally see an end to the corruption embedded at the top of the A.P.A. — and that the United States will never again engage in torture as part of official policy.

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